Hi, my name is

Sage Fremont.

I'm a multidisciplinary developer and computer scientist with more than 20 years of experience in software development, web design, and audio engineering.


Much of what I do is for the joy of learning and creating.

In April 2020, my medical simulator VITAL 2020 placed in the top 3% (97th percentile) in the "Theme" category at Ludum Dare 46. In October 2019, my space simulator Return to Nothing placed in the top 8% (92nd percentile) for "Innovation" at Ludum Dare 45. Both games were developed and released in 72 hours.

I am currently working on a large-scale Action RPG, with my company BFlat Interactive.

When I'm not working, I enjoy participating in CTF competitions and studying foreign languages. 


100% ACC


100% ACC


HEX# Color


Bachelor of Science in Computer Science
2022 - 2023
University of the People
Grade: CGPA 3.94/4.0, Graduated Summa Cum Laude

Bachelor of Science in Computer Science
2017 - 2020
University of the People
Grade: CGPA 3.92/4.0, Graduated with High Honors

Associate of Science in Fashion Design
2006 - 2008
Harcum College
Grade: CGPA 3.75/4.0, Graduated with Honors

Art History I & II - ACE ID – SOPH-0006 & SOPH-0029
C++ Programming - CS107, ACE ID – SAYA-0017
Financial Accounting - ACE ID - SOPH-0010
Fundamentals of Information Security - WGU – ITAS C836
IT Leadership Foundations - WGU – ITBU D194
Intellectual Property Law and Policy - PennX – IPLAW1x, IPLAW2x
Introduction to Information Technology - ACE ID – SOPH-0023
Organizational Behavior and Leadership - WGU - BUS C484
Project Management - ACE – SOPH-0013
Visual Communications - ACE – SOPH-0009


ADVANCED: C#, C++, C, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, Java, Python
NOVICE: Fortran, Crystal, GDScript, Racket

Knowledgeable and experienced in the majority of software development methodologies. Most of my current work involves object oriented design with an agile approach to development.

Experienced in both UI and UX design. Highly skilled in 2D and 3D design, fine art painting, and mixed media.

Skilled in analyzing project constraints to better optimize time, production, and quality of deliverables according to the project management life cycle.

Knowledgeable and experienced in the fields of music composition, audio engineering, and instruments.

Operating Systems: Kali Linux, Windows 7, Windows 10, Windows 11
IDE & Engines: Unity, Eclipse, RStudio, Code::Blocks, IDLE, IntelliJ, Godot
DESIGN: Adobe Photoshop, 3DCoat, Blender, SketchUp
DATA: OpenOffice Base, Oracle SQL Developer
OFFICE SUITES: LibreOffice, Microsoft Office, Google Docs Editors
AUDIO/VIDEO: Studio One 4 Professional, Native Instruments Kontakt, Audacity, Shotcut
MISC SOFTWARE: SmartDraw 2018, VS Code
MISC HARDWARE: XP-PEN Artist 12 Tablet

Chief Executive Officer
Delio Enterprises
January 2023 - Present

Delio Enterprises is a company that is dedicated to fostering creativity, innovation, and providing opportunities for new talents to shine. The company was founded by Sage Delio (née Fremont), a computer scientist and entrepreneur, with a passion for the entertainment, creative, and technological industries. Sage's dedication for these industries led her to create Delio Enterprises, a company that would bring together a diverse range of ventures under one roof.

Siphon Records, Delio Enterprises' record label, is focused on releasing experimental, classical, and cinematic works. Gabby & Min Publications, Delio Enterprises' book publisher and literary magazine, is focused on showcasing both up-and-coming and veteran authors and poets. BFlat Interactive, Delio Enterprises' independent game studio, is creating engaging gaming experiences for their players. Delio Gallery, Delio Enterprises' online art gallery, is bringing a curated selection of contemporary art to a global audience.

Delio Enterprises is a company that is poised to make a big impact in the entertainment, arts, and publishing worlds. With a strong team in place and a clear vision for the future, Delio Enterprises is set to become one of the most exciting and innovative companies in the industry. 

Editor-In-Chief, Poet, & Founder
Gabby & Min Publications
October 2023 - Present

Gabby & Min Publications is a dynamic and eclectic publisher of books and the quarterly literary journal Gabby & Min's Literary Review. Founded in Philadelphia in 2023 by Sage Delio, Gabby & Min Publications is dedicated to showcasing unique perspectives, topics, and styles in literature and art. We are particularly interested in works that exhibits a deep passion for its subject matter.

Gabby & Min's Literary Review is an online literary journal that features a diverse array of genres, including fiction, poetry, prose, art, and photography. With a reading period of Jan 1 to Dec 31, Gabby & Min Publications welcomes unsolicited submissions and accepts simultaneous submissions.

At Gabby & Min, we believe that literature and art should be accessible to all, and we are committed to providing a platform for emerging and established writers and artists to share their work with the world. With a response time of 3 to 6 months, Gabby & Min Publications is dedicated to providing a thoughtful and thorough review process for each submission.

Computer Scientist
SageWare Labs
November 2023 - Present

SageWare Labs is a cutting-edge research hub specializing in Computer Science, Machine Learning, Cybersecurity, Data Analytics, & Information Technology. At SageWare Labs, we merge theory with practice, pushing boundaries to shape the next generation of digital solutions and ensure a safer, smarter digital landscape. #SageWareLabs

Fashion Designer
October Sage (October 2002 - Present)
Plastic Poppy (February 2023 - Present)
RivetHAUS (February 2023 - Present)

October Sage, once considered a trailblazer in the online fashion industry, was founded by Sage Delio (née Fremont) on her 17th birthday, October 30th, 2002. With a focus on cutting-edge apparel and accessories, October Sage has been a dynamic and evolving company for over two decades. In 2023, the brand underwent a revitalization, offering more earthly designs.

Plastic Poppy is where bubblegum dreams meet nostalgic fashions from the early 2000s. Plastic Poppy weaves tales of yesteryears and tomorrow's visions. . .

Nestled in the heart of the shadows, RivetHAUS offers apparel for those who embrace the darker side of style. RivetHAUS is catering its fashion designs to popular subcultures and internet aesthetics.

Composer and Founder
Siphon Records
November 2020 - Present

Siphon Records is an independent record label based in the United States, founded in 2021 by entrepreneur Sage Delio (née Fremont). With a focus on experimental, classical, and cinematic works, Siphon Records is home to a diverse roster of musical projects; including, Daniel Manoiu, Sage Delio, Merry Onette, April Omen, Gibson Heights, and Summi Mors.

The label's focus on experimentation and pushing boundaries has made it a destination for fans of innovative music, as well as a valuable platform for emerging artists looking to showcase their unique sounds. Siphon Records encourages demo submissions through its online Demo Submission Form, available at https://www.siphonrecords.com/demo-submissions. With a focus on experimentation and pushing the boundaries of what is possible in music, Siphon Records has become a player in the independent music scene.

Co-Founder and Developer
BFlat Interactive
May 2019 - Present

BFlat Interactive is an independent game studio founded in the United States by Daniel Manoiu and Sage Fremont. The studio was born out of a game jam that the friends participated in, which resulted in their first game, Black Hole Feeds, a simple sci-fi arcade game aimed at children. The game was well-received on the west coast, leading Fremont and Manoiu to pursue game development full-time and establish BFlat Interactive.

Since its creation in 2019, BFlat Interactive has released a total of 9 games, including Black Hole Feeds, SKILLS, Return to Nothing, VITAL 2020, Neptune: Mission One, Submarine Adventure, The Niland Incident, Betrayal in the Gulag, and House Of Quandary. The studio is currently working on a large-scale RPG as well as a few other "secret" projects.
BFlat Interactive has established a reputation for creating high-quality, innovative games across a variety of genres. With a passionate team of developers and a commitment to creating engaging and immersive experiences, BFlat Interactive is a studio to keep an eye on in the world of independent game development.

Founder and Fine Artist
Delio Gallery
June 2022 - Present

Delio Gallery is an online art gallery founded in 2022 by artist and entrepreneur Sage Delio. The gallery officially launched in 2023, with a mission to promote and connect new, emerging, and established artists with art professionals, collectors, and buyers. The gallery conducts themed online art competitions and exhibitions for artists worldwide, providing them with a platform to showcase their work and gain exposure in the art world.

Sage Delio, the founder of Delio Gallery, has always been passionate about art and its ability to connect people. She founded Delio Gallery with the intention of identifying talented artists and helping them to successfully market their works to the art world. Unlike traditional galleries, Delio Gallery does not sell artwork. Instead, all purchase inquiries are directed immediately to the artist, allowing them to have full control over their work and its distribution. The copyright to all artwork shown at Delio Gallery belongs to the respective artist, and no artwork may be reproduced without the written consent of the artist.

Delio Gallery's unique approach has become a go-to destination for talented artists. With its mission to promote and connect artists with the art world, Delio Gallery is making a significant impact in the art industry, and is fast becoming a leading force in the online art world.

As an artist, I mix traditional painting with new media technologies to create surreal contemporary works.
You can view my art at sagedelio.com.

Independent Contractor
Amazon MTURK
September 2019 - 2022

I performed a variety of cloud-based tasks using Amazon SageMaker [the irony is not lost]; such as, data mining, semantic segmentation masking for deep learning, and data analysis.

Audio Engineer and Artist
Sounds Merry
May 2011 - 2020

Preferred tools used are Presonus Studio One 4 Professional, Native Instruments Kontakt, and live recorded instrumentals. I have created a variety of musical toys for browser and mobile using JavaScript, Web Audio API, and Nexus UI library. I play a variety of instruments including a 5-string violin (pictured above), guzheng, and guitar.

Executive Assistant to CFO
2007 – May 2011
Web Design & Accounting Assistant
2002 – 2007
General Air Products

Basic IT Technical Support; maintained software & os, provided diagnostic & security support. Assisted in maintaining the company website [view archived site]. Graphic design as needed. Maintained records, payments, and transactions.

Freelance Developer
Various Brands and Companies
2002 - Present

Web development, SEO, graphic design, branding for a variety of clients. I have limited time for freelance work, but if you have a project in mind feel free to contact me.


Sage Fremont
Greater Philadelphia Area